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I have been bombarded with a number of questions regarding HHI, and why it is becoming a print magazine. I will try my best to address those.

Poetry needs to step up. Period. Why is it not as popular as prose? Why did it fall off that map? Those questions, I cannot answer. However, what I can tell you is that I feel that poetry is ready for a resurgence. How come? The MTV attention span of America, the on-the-go society, and the talent in modern poetry. People don’t often take the time to read these days. Even if they do, I know from personal experience, sometimes a novel ends up being a total disappointment. Poetry manages to avoid that issue. If you read a bad poem, that’s a shame, but you only wasted two minutes as opposed to several hours. Also, I have read more life-changing or at least mindset-changing poems than I have books. Why waste your time reading a book when you could get the same thing out of a poem? If poetry and poets can present themselves in the right way, the world will be forced to answer these questions.

That is part of the reason HHI is moving to print. The long term goal is to get the magazine popular enough to begin appearing in stores. HHI is honestly my favorite publication. Is there bias there? I am sure there is, but honestly, I defy you to name another publication that carries poems with the same amount of literary merit and mass appeal that HHI does. I bet you can’t. I want HHI to be the magazine that changes the literary world. Maybe I am a dreamer, but I am also an achiever. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have started the site or accomplished what I have with it so far. HHI is one of the fastest-responding publications in the world. After our “fledging” period ends on duotrope, we will be listed in their top ten for response times. We will also be the only print magazine of any of them. This is what separate HHI.

Now, I ask you a question: will you stay in the era where poetry is an internet subculture, or will you change the world?


3 Responses

  1. Awesome zine already, the paper will just make it better.

  2. Much of America’s attention span has certainly been twitterized, but I think we should be careful not to overgeneralize and put down novels and other less condensed ideas. In order to be a well rounded reader / writer we need experience with all literary facets and devices. It’s okay to like one more than another, but they are all important. I love the magazine, and the blog, but I just felt this was a bit of an attack on prose. You’re unconventional, and I like the idea of changing the game. I hope that this helps get more people into reading – it’s too important to be lost.

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