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First off, this will probably be a re-occurring thing. I read a lot of poetry, and these blogs are always done spur of the moment, so I am probably leaving some stuff out. Secondly, I am often asked which publications I read the most. I will list a few of my favs in no particular order:

-Thunderclap! Press: The editor, Amanda Deo, busts her butt. She gets back to people quickly and puts together a quality publication. They also do chapbooks, the latest being Aquarium by Ryan Bradley. I also feel that they are one of the most personable publications out there.

-Children, Churches, & Daddies (Scars Publications): cc&d is one hell of a magazine every month, it is available FOR FREE, put together very professionally, and always features quality work.

-Short, Fast, and Deadly- Tremendous concept, always quality. They also get back to you within a day if you submit to them. I read it as soon as I get their e-mail every week. You should also join their mailing list.

-Vox Poetica: New poems every day. Does it get any better than that? They have a very personable editor that is a joy to submit to. Also, they have good readership, and people may leave feedback on your poems.

-Clutching at Straws: Unusal poetry at it’s finest. An entertaining read.

-The Cynic Magazine: Quality publication updated bi-weekly.

-The: Yes, that’s the name of it. I suggest you check it out.

Anywho, that’s all I can think of for now. Let me know what some of your favorites are!


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