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An Update For You All

Alright, here’s the deal. I’ve been studying for my Financial Accounting test all day today, most of yesterday, and even on Tuesday. I have never prepared for a test like this before. I have seen enough spread sheets and numbers, so I am taking a break to update you all on the progress of “HHI Volume One.”

The magazine is completely full. Any submissions from now on that are accepted will appear in HHI Volume Two. What appears in this magazine?

-5 pieces from the original HHI website selected by me as my favorites

-A special note from me, the editor, as well as three of my original pieces

-32 pieces total

-Work from great, reputable writers such as Janet Kuypers, Changming Yuan, David McLean, and Kevin Heaton, as well as work from newly emerging writers

-A basic layout. This was done on purpose. We are not about art; we are about words. It is what the words say that matters. Presentation is secondary to poetry.

-A wide array of worldviews. From the hopeful, the hopeless, the right, the left, the believers, and the skeptics. The political statements come from opposite sides of the spectrum, and it is wonderful. There is something for everyone to be fired up about, pissed at, and stunned by.

I am really, really proud of this publication. It is honestly one of the most unique lit rags I have ever read, and I can’t wait for all of you to read it. I have also been asked about price.

At the moment, the plan is for a print version of the magazine to be sold at $10. I feel that this is a fair price, and I think anyone who reads it will agree. It is also a great price considering that this is a small press. Many small press companies sell their magazines at a much higher price. I think that “bang for your buck” would be the understatement of the year in this case, since HHI is all about BANG, BANG, BANG! Reading it will make you feel like someone just beat the tar out of you, but in a good way.

For those of you who are going green, we will be offering a download-able version for $7.

Now, what is the release date?


Monday, October 11! Since I got so many great submissions, I was able to have it ready much earlier than I expected.

Mark your calendars, and send in for HHI Volume Two!

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,

Maxwell Baumbach


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