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Angry Tirade

I remember watching the first season of the TV series The Ultimate Fighter. The UFC President, Dana White, stood before the competitors on the show and questioned their desire to be a fighter when they complained about having bouts prior to the finale of the show. White explained that fighting in the UFC is not all about being famous, having money, and banging broads. He asked them, “DO YOU WANT TO BE A F***ING FIGHTER?!”

Here is the question I am asking to anyone who wants to submit to HHI:


Why do I ask this? Because I got a submission for HHI Volume Two that I accepted. However, the writer later asked to withdraw the manuscript, because they would not be getting a free contributor copy.

Here’s the deal: I am a college student. I have no money. I have not sold a single magazine yet. Where would I get the funds to buy free copies for everyone? I don’t even get free copies! After I explained to the writer that it would be available as a free download, they still said they had to withdraw their manuscript.

If you are writing poetry so that you can get free copies of magazines and brag about them to your friends, I don’t want your work. If having a free copy is more important than sharing your words with other people, don’t waste my time. I didn’t think it was possible for people to only care about material things in modern poetry, since none of us make anything, but apparently that’s not the case. I will not name this person, because quite frankly, they are a selfish prick that does not care about any of you. If they did, they would have allowed you to read their work for free. For that reason, they are not worth mentioning or giving any sort of exposure.

I have never asked a publisher for a damn thing. They give me exposure to the world; that’s all I want. I don’t write for money or contributor copies. All I try to do is get things published so that other people will read them and experience what I have experienced. If you want exposure, if you want people to enter your world, if you want to spread your ideas to others, if you want your cause to be heard, this is the publication for you. If all you care about are the material things you get out of it, go somewhere else, because I don’t want your work.


3 Responses

  1. Maxwell, you hang in there my man and don’t let a few nearsighted children impair your destiny.

    Also, I’m gonna want to buy a few copies when they become available.


  2. It’s disappointing how writers or artists are oft be fueled by nothing more than their own vanity. I suggest that he begin a career as a rapper – they seem to profit that way. I’m glad he withdrew, narcissistically derived poems could really enervate your magazine.

  3. Bravo, you remind me a little of Anthony Bourdain…only with poetry. No Reservations Maxwell

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