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My Book Is Out In Print!



My first poetry collection, Suburban Rhythm, is now out in print! Go buy it so I can be famous and make lots of monies!


I want to thank Scars Publications for publishing this collection. It is something really, really different than most of the poetry out there, so props to them for taking a chance on a massive ginger kid from the suburbs. The editor, Janet Kuypers, did an INSANE job on the cover, which folds out onto the back cover as well. You can check that out, as well as all of their other products, at scars.tv.


My book is out in print, HHI Volume One comes out on Monday, and I just did readings on back-to-back nights. I love poetry! Videos of my readings should be up soon, I will post a link on here when they become available. I will also have videos of my good buddy and fellow poet Jacob Kreutzer reading his work. He’s really awesome, and should totally submit to HHI. You can see his work in the Cynic Online Magazine.


Have a good one, buy my book, and mark your calendars for the 11th!


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