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No, I Did Not Fall Off the Face of the Earth

Hello readers,


I apologize for my lack of updates. School was ridiculous this past week, but now it is done. I am excited to unwind. I am getting dinner at Flat Top Grill tonight with my lovely girlfriend. If you haven’t been to a Flat Top yet, I urge you to go immediately. It’s a Create-Your-Own-Stir-Fry gimmick. The lady friend (Kristina is her name, for future reference) and I are very keen on Asian cuisine, so obviously, we are looking forward to it.


Friday I am going home. I am hoping to get to see my good friend Abbie, who I haven’t seen since school started, which is a shame.


Saturday will be spent with the man friends. Why? Unless you live under a rock (or are not a sports nerd like I am), you should know that UFC 121 is Saturday! Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez for the UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! If you are at all interested in combat sports, I suggest you go out of your way to see this fight. It’s probably the most important heavyweight fight in Mixed Martial Arts history. Being a pro wrestling fan and a man who once trained to be a pro wrestler (that may be a blog of its own one day), I have to pull for Lesnar. However, Velasquez is a great story (not to mention, a great fighter as well) in his own right, and it would be pretty great to see him become the first Mexican heavyweight to win a world championship in the history of combat sports.


But, let’s not forget why we are all here: poetry. And let me tell you, HHI Volume Two is shaping up to be a damn fine collection of poetry! Yet again, there is a fantastic bland of the established, the familiar, and the emerging.


Speaking of HHI Volume One, my copies came in the mail a while back, and they are SWEET! I myself was even astonished at how professional and nice looking Heavy Hands Ink was in print. If you haven’t picked it up yet, I suggest you do.


I hope you are looking forward to your weekend as much as I am. Have a splendid one!


-Heavy Hands Ink editor,

Maxwell Baumbach


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