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The Flame That Burns Inside You

I try to read as much modern poetry as I can. It’s something that I feel I must do to be successful as both a writer and as an editor. A lot of the time, I really enjoy what I see, but there are other times where I get quite frustrated with it.

The publication will go nameless, but they are one held in a fairly high esteem. I read through their latest issue a few days ago, and I was disappointed. I was left feeling empty. None of the poetry meant anything. It was not important. It wouldn’t change people.

I went from empty to angry. I am sick of publications with meaningless poetry being able to thrive for whatever reason. It’s ridiculous. That’s why I am trying to bring Heavy Hands Ink to the forefront. This is writing produced by the flame that burns inside you. Writing that MEANS SOMETHING, both to the writer and the person who reads it. This literary project is of the utmost importance.

If you are a writer who writes meaningful poetry, or you know other poets that do, let them know about us. Tell all of your friends. I want this publication to be seen as one of the most influential, inspirational, and important. Spread the word: HHI matters.

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


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