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Hello readers of HHI!


Today, I am going to do something a little different. I am going to discuss music. Music is one of my largest poetic influences. Therefore, I find it to be important to listen to bands with GOOD LYRICS. For a poet, I believe listening to a band with meaningless lyrics is like an athlete eating McDonald’s for every meal; it will show. Here are some CD’s and EP’s I recommend for poets to listen to. Also, please note that not everyone will share my taste!


-All Time Low: So Wrong, It’s Right. ATL’s “So Wrong” album is quite tremendous. Songs like “Six Feet Under the Stars” and particularly “Remembering Sunday” show lyrical brilliance. If you can tolerate whiny voices, you will thoroughly enjoy this.

-The Avett Brothers: Emotionalism. Much the opposite of All Time Low sound-wise, The Avett Brothers are tremendous lyrically as well. “The Weight of Lies,” “Paranoia,” and “The Ballad of Love and Hate” are fine examples.

-Bayside: Shudder. Deep lyricism with a great sound. One of the most underrated bands, in my opinion. Every song on the CD is at least good lyrically, with a few excellent ones.

-Brand New: Your Favorite Weapon. At this point, Brand New was a punk band with a lead singer who’s girlfriend had just cheated on him with his best friend. This is the best compilation of angry break up music I have ever heard. Instead of taking a juvenile approach to it, they do it with tremendous lyricism and energy. The bridge of “Seventy Times 7” is my favorite part of any song ever.

-Brand New: Deja Entendu. This was the follow-up to YFW. The band grew up A TON between CD’s. I mean it when I say that this CD is better poetry-wise than most books are. Listen to the CD all the way through. I can’t recommend it enough.

-Dashboard Confessional: The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most. Dashboard certainly isn’t for everyone, but their debut CD is one that anyone can relate to whether they are growing up or reflecting on their growing up. It’s an excellent title, and their best in my opinion.

-Say Anything: Say Anything. The self-titled album from the group is really special. The story of Max Bemis, their lead singer, is an inspiring one that you should all look up. Great social commentary and some nice romance in between.

-Secondhand Serenade: Awake. Basically, everything I said about “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” applies here.

-This Time Next Year: The Longest Way Home. Though they may sound like your typical punk band at first, TTNY are tremendous lyrically, and it shows here. They have not gotten much exposure yet, but I am sure it will come in time. Both “Alex in Wonderland” and the acoustic version of “Sweetest Air” are fantastic. “Sweetest Air” is also my ringtone for whenever my girlfriend calls.


That’s all I got for now. I hope you feel compelled to listen to some of these.


-Heavy Hands Ink editor,

Maxwell Baumbach


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