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What’s So Great?

This is a new feature I am planning on doing before every HHI release. It’s called “What’s So Great?” In it, I will explain why the next volume of HHI is great, and why it is a must-purchase! Well, here are the reasons why it’s so great:

-A letter from the editor with a HUGE announcement regarding the next step HHI will be taking in it’s growth
-An awesome piece by Lorna Gilbert to kick things off
-More great poems from Kevin Heaton
-Two pieces from one of the most published contributors in HHI history, Janet Kuypers
-Two pieces from another HHI mainstay, Michael Lee Johnson
-A longer piece by Gary Beck that calls the actions of a nation into question
-Three hard-hitting pieces from the ultra-talented Shawn Misener
-More knockout-inducing poems from established, great writers like David McLean, Catfish McDaris, and Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
-One of the oddest, yet fantastic HHI poems ever by Roy Schwartzman
-Spectacular pieces from emerging writers like Connor Pickett, Jacob Kreutzer, and Khara Williams

If you’re not sold, I am pretty sure you hate poetry.

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


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