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Various Updates

-HHI Volume Two has been a success. It generated about equal web traffic as HHI Volume One, but was more successful from a financial standpoint.
-Page views have gone WAY up due to our listing on duotrope as one of the fastest-responding markets.
-HHI Volume Three is shaping up to be SWEET.

Let’s dwell on these for a minute. Chapbooks will be invitation-only. This means that I am NOT accepting unsolicited manuscripts. However, there is a good possibility that there will be some sort of “Chapbook contest” by the end of the year.

Who is authoring these chapbooks, you ask?

The first in the HHI Knockout Chapbooks series will be Measured Days by Kevin Heaton. It will be released on January 8th as an ISBN# book, so everyone go and mark your calendars! It’s straight up AWESOME. There will be another blog next week specifically about this chapbook and my dealings with Kevin (all positive).

The second, scheduled tentatively for March 5th, will be by David McLean, and we are still working on a title for it. However, I have read all of the poems for it, and…they RULE. McLean at his finest.

Each of these selections feature a top notch writer. However, the third will feature a number of writers…

That’s right, the third will be open to the public. You can begin submitting to it NOW! However, there are some details you will want to know.

The title of this chapbook is NitTwitts: A Collection of Twitter Length Poems. Submit me your SEVEN best Twitter-Length Poems. Previously published is okay, BUT YOU NEED TO TELL ME WHERE IT WAS PUBLISHED AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU OWN THE RIGHTS TO IT. Previously unpublished is equally as good. Title the submission “NitTwitts Submission.”

Also, your knockout song of the week:

“Whoever She Is” by The Maine.


-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


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