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A Preview For You All

With Kevin Heaton’s chapbook coming out in a few days (that’s January 8th!), I decided to post a preview poem from his collection. He thought that this would be a good choice to use:

The Shepherd Has No Staff

A miscreant presence defiles
the blush of vestal virginity,

submitting her virtue to abuse
and deceit. A white robe

without spot or wrinkle, rent
and torn, her shame supine

and splayed upon perfumed
sheets; stained scarlet by an ancient

profession. Remnants of Eucharist,
received on blasphemous lips

digest inside green bowels of self-
proclamation. Quilled, founding

fingers, dipped in communion wine,
lopped from hands placed on holy

leather; sworn to uphold
appointments of higher calling.

The children of freedom abandoned;
banished to wander the wilderness,

led by a shepherd with no staff.

As usual with Kevin’s work, tremendous imagery, an incredibly strong finish, and a lot of things given to the reader to think about. It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


One Response

  1. Researching poetry online for paper. Came across HHI volume 2, Really love From There to Here (Lorna Gilbert). As you said in your blog, awesome piece!

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