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Interview with David McLean

Since David McLean’s chapbook, puppies and monks and medieval memories, is going to be released on FRIDAY through Heavy Hands Ink, I decided to put up an interview so that you, the readers, can gain a bit of an insight as to what you will be seeing in this awesome collection.

What should we, the readers, know about David McLean the man?

I don’t think any information about the writer is really necessary. Any information about me is readily available in my bio. I dislike most things that aren’t non-human animals. I almost never write anecdotal poems because lives, mine and others, are so boring.

Who are some of your favorite writers?

Among dead poets: Sylvia Plath, Philip Larkin, Georg Trakl, Anne Sexton, W.H. Auden. Bruno K Öijer is the greatest living Swedish poet. Mostly I read philosophy. Just now about the philosophy of logic.

Describe the typical process you go through when writing a poem.

Sitting at a computer? I just write them spontaneously and quickly, more than five minutes on one poem is wasting my precious time.

Would you say that there is a certain theme to this chapbook? If so, what is it?

No, there is no intended theme. The title just refers to some things mentioned in certain of the poems. The puppy mentioned is almost ten months old so she’s a young lady now. No monks were injured in the writing of the poems, not many anyway. One mentions South Park, I like anything that refers to South Park.

What are your favorite unpublished pieces in this collection?

I like “insignificant pictures of the dead” and the Genet poem best, they remind me of Hammer Horror and Genet, probably because they are about those things. The woman coughing is from a J-horror film, forget which, I have many dozens.

How is this chapbook different from your others?

It’s better in many ways.

What is it that made you want to do this chapbook through Heavy Hands Ink?

I think it’s a good zine and I saw you were doing a chapbook series, thought it might be time to do one for 2011.

Well, there you have it. Still to come this week: a special preview of this chapbook! Keep checking in so you don’t miss it!



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  1. nice!….. my writing process is also spontaneous 🙂 …

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