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Long Blue Boomerang by Michael Frissore is OUT NOW!


BOOM. There it is. It’s in print right now, and should be available as a free download at that same link later on in the day. This collection rules. “Alexander” is, at the moment, my favorite HHI piece ever. I don’t joke around about that stuff, either. I mean it. You NEED to check this out.

As always, it is available as a free download because I believe in the right to free poetry. However, I encourage you to buy a print copy. We do royalties here (generous ones, compared to most other publications), so by purchasing a copy, you are not just putting money in some greedy editor’s pocket, but you are supporting THE AUTHOR. This is not about me; it’s about Michael, and the kick-ass poetry collection he has put together.

Next week, we drop NitTwitts: A Collection of Twitter-Length Poems. BE READY!

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach