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Interview with Gary Beck

Next up on the docket is a chapbook from Gary Beck! If you’ve read past HHI issues, odds are you are familiar with his work. His chapbook, Mutilated Girls, is going to be released on July 9th! Stay tuned for more updates on this chapbook. Also, Gary and I both have work featured in Quantum Poetry magazine, which you can see here:


Anywho, here is the interview with Gary!

What should we, the readers, know about Gary Beck the man?
I am passionately involved with the issues of our times and exploring them through my art.

Who are some of your favorite writers?
Dreiser, Wolfe, Steinbeck, Mallarme, Eliot, Rilke.

Describe the typical process you go through when writing a poem.
I open my personal portals of stored material and produce a rough draft.

Would you say that there is a certain theme to this chapbook? If so, what is it?
There is a broad based theme of diverse social issues.

In some of your previous HHI poems, you’ve touched on political issues. What inspires you to write about politics, and is it a topic you’ve always covered in your writing?
I am vitally concerned with the problems of our times and worry about the future of our society. I’ve evolved more and more to political, social and economic issues, with less emphasis on the lyric.

What are your favorite unpublished pieces in this collection?
Train Ride, Child Soldiers, Times Square, Miner’s Quest.

What is it that made you want to do this chapbook through Heavy Hands Ink?
The scope of interest in verious forms and subjects of poetry made H.H.I. very appealing.


Thanks again you all! Also, I am now accepting submissions for HHI Volume Seven, so send me your work!

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


HHI Volume Five is OUT NOW!


There it is, in all it’s glory! HHI Volume Five!

This is another issue that I am very proud of. It contains poems from talented HHI regulars such as Kevin Heaton, Janet Kuypers, John Tustin, Arslan Waqar, and Jim Davis, as well as work from writers making their first appearances in HHI. I encourage you to buy a copy, or at least download one for free when the free download is available (which should be by the end of the day).

Thank you all once again!

-Maxwell Baumbach