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Gary Beck Preview and Sample Poem

Hello all! Gary Beck’s new chapbook, Mutilated Girls, is out tomorrow! Here is what Gary has to say about it:

“‘Mutilated Girls’ is an intense exploration of my inner self and my reactions to the many horrors of the world. This is significantly transitional for me, evolving away from earlier, more formal forms of poetry. I gradually renounced metaphor and simile, not because they are not valid poetic expressions, but because blunt imagery and ideas began to replace them. Some of the poems in this collection erupt with broader issues, rather than personal revelations. I found myself more involved in the urgency of communicating the terrible things that happen to us, rather than diluting them by smoothing them over with artifice and contrivance.

My feelings throughout this creative construction were a combination of outrage at the abuses inflicted on us, the destruction we spread everywhere, and at the same time the painful realization that poetry was being reduced in importance, due to the impact of visual imagery provided electronically, and becoming too precious and artificial in the expressive communication of social networking. I selected direct impact, rather than polished form, in the hope of reaching audiences moving away from poetry.”

-Gary Beck

After reading that, you are probably chomping at the bit to read it. Well, you are in luck…sort of. Tomorrow, the whole thing will be available both as a free download and print, ISBN # book, but since I am SO gracious, I have decided to include a sample poem. Gary chose this piece:

Times Square

Having left you once
42nd street,
not long enough
so your gambling, dope, flesh
and all the predatory faces,
respirating evil
into the concrete world
have been forgotten,
I returned to smut central,
but did not find
drugs, disease, despair,
just the dancing feet
of digital tourists
tapping away
on sanitized sidewalks.


Tomorrow, ladies and gentleman. BE PREPARED!

-Heavy Hands Ink editor,
Maxwell Baumbach


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