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Preview and Sample Poem for Emma Eden Ramos’ chapbook!

I asked Emma Eden Ramos to give the readers a preview of sorts of her chapbook. She gives you a nice little blurb about what to expect as well as a sample poem! Check it out below. The collection comes out TOMORROW! Stay tuned!


“‘Three Women: A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems’ is a collection comprised of a three part narrative followed by three independent poems. “Three Women: A Poetic Triptych” tells the story of three women, with connecting stories, in different stages of life. As with many painted triptychs each fold of the narrative informs and plays off of the fold before it. By the final fold, a whole story is revealed.”

A segment from Milena’s narrative in Fold One: Introductions

A Croat by heritage and birth, I am a mere visitor in this land where I was raised
but I will return home once my studies are complete
to Croatia
The Homeland

I cannot forget the kindness of the family who took us in
their two bedroom apartment in “out of our way Queens,” as my father called it
though he meant “out of the way”
was just enough for Meri, her husband and their children

Ema was ahead of me three years, she was the sister I never had
As I grew up, she introduced me to The American Life
but life was not easy, my parents regretted the move
my father, especially, who’d taught philosophy in University,
now co-ran a store in which kids he’d have taught
swindled him
cigarettes and beer.

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