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There are changes coming to Heavy Hands Ink. Let’s not waste time here.

HHI is good. However, to continue with the boxing analogies, it is not a contender. I want HHI to be contender. Thus, from this day forward, I am going to be a lot pickier about submissions. I need the punch to the face feeling, but I also need a piece that is well crafted. I need both, not one or the other.

Secondly, HHI will now be released quarterly, and chapbooks will be released on a “whenever” basis. Instead of just doing chaps for the sake of chaps, I’ll only be making offers to authors I REEEEALLY want to do a chapbook for.

Third, to re-light the HHI fire, I am announcing NO-WAIT NOVEMBER. Any submission that is sent to me in the month of November will get a response in under 24 hours. If you have on in my inbox currently, you WILL hear back tomorrow!

Stay classy, Knockout Artists! I hope to see your top-notch work!



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